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by Louise Doyle
All the latest beauty trends, industry news and reviews by Irish skincare addict and specialist Louise Doyle.  

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About Louise

I am a qualified beauty therapist, laser therapist and aesthetician. I have over 14 years experience in this the beauty industry. My love of beauty, skincare and wellness has been there my whole life and loved the many years experience I gained running a busy clinic in Dublin and my own boutique beauty salon.


I am interested in sharing accurate and fact based reviews, giving my followers the best tips and tricks that I have learned and also reviewing new trends from an honest professional point of view.


I have trained under the best nurses and doctors both here and in the UK. I have extensive knowledge of beauty and skincare and I want to make this accessible to everyone. 


I am currently taking my beauty knowledge to the next step by setting up a new company, where we can advise you on your business from the ground up with a team of professionals at your disposal -  from customer service review, social media management, accountants, graphic design and website development, even interior design.

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