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Patch Test For Lashes

Many clients ask me why they need a patch test before having their lashes applied, the truth is we just don't know how any individual will respond to the products used in the lash extensions process. Although rare, reactions do occur. Therefore it is very important to come for a path test, where the lash glue, primer and eye make up remover is tested on your lashes to see how you will respond. This is also important if you wish to wear your lashes for a big event. It is recommended to have a patch test 24-48 hours before your lash appointment and to repeat it every year. It is also recommended to trial a set of lashes prior to a big event to ensure your suitability to lashes. Clients often also tell me that they have had lashes before without any problem and therefore do they need a patch test? Again yes it is recommended, each lash expert uses different glues and lash preparation products. Therefore it is highly recommended to try a sample of the products should you change lash technicians. If you are changing lash technicians as you have had an allergic reaction to their glue, please keep in mind- Usually if you have an allergy to one glue the chances are you may have a reaction to another glue. Again this is not guaranteed, and this is why it is vitally important to attend for a patch test. As a lash technician, ensuring your suitability to lash extensions is my primary concern. Your eye safety is the most important thing to me. Should you have any questions about patch testing please do contact me and we can discuss it further.

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