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Lash extension myths

Lash extensions will damage my lashes- this myth is actually grounded in very solid fact, yes lash extensions can damage your natural lashes - how? • By attending a technician who is not properly trained, • By using products that are not of premium quality • Choosing a lash length and diameter that your natural lash cannot support In order to avoid the lash extensions doing damage it is very important to attend a properly trained technician, there should be a gallery of work that you can look at to see the type of styles that they specialise in. Your technician will choose a lash and length that properly supports your natural lash, therefore ensuring that the lash grows out healthily and without damage You need a break from lash extensions

If you are choosing correct lash styles and attending a qualified lash technician, then no you do not need to take a break from your lashes. Your lashes will continue to grow out safely and healthily, as there is no undue pressure or strain placed on your natural lash. With proper isolation and application of your lashes and regular top ups, you can wear your lash extensions for as long as you wish Lash extensions caused my natural lashes to fall out You will naturally lose about 2-3 lashes per day, this is aprx 63 lashes in 3 weeks. Your lashes always fall out, the difference is when they fall out while you are wearing lash extensions, you will notice the new lash is bare of an extension and therefore you will see gaps, therefore you may assume you have gaps in your natural lashes or your lash extensions are causing your lashes to fall out. As above, good application of lashes means no problems. Mink lashes are cruel to animals When you see mink lashes advertised these days, they are in fact a very high quality synthetic mink. It is still possible to purchase real mink lashes, but you will find most lash extension specialists do not supply them due to ethical reasons. I do not use real mink lashes and I do not condone the practice, all of the products I use are ethically sourced and cruelty free. If you have any other questions you should consult your qualified lash extension specialist who will be able to explain everything to you. Remember if your technician cannot answer your questions or suggests a style that seems too harsh, you need to consider attending a different technician. When it comes to your eyes you cannot be too safe, so if in doubt, ask a professional.

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