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Tips To Trim Your Own Brows

Purchasing tweezers and wax when you want to trim your own brows can be a mine field, there are literally dozens of options available, it can be overwhelming. The most important thing you need is a good quality slanted tweezers with a good grip, it doesn't need to cost the earth, you can buy a good quality tweezers in most pharmacies for around €10. They can go upwards in price, but this price range is more than sufficient. You may then want to consider using some wax to remove the numerous blonde hairs that you usually can't see. Facial wax brands designed for the face are the best option, and please avoid using hair removing creams around your eyes! I usually advise cutting the facial wax strips lengthways and then trimming down the outer sides to get an even line when you use them. The next and most important job is to measure the brows, using a brow pencil place the pencil at the start of your brow and align with the side of your nose, then mark this area with your brow pencil, then align the pencil with the end of your brow and the side of your mouth, mark the place on your brow with the brow pencil. This is where your brows should begin and end, any hairs outside the marks you will remove. Although there is no hard rules about this. If it looks right to the naked eye then you are ready to trim! I like to wax the under side of the brow first to get as many of the stray hairs and the blonde hairs to save time tweezing. Decide on the area you wish to wax, press the wax strip to the hairs, hold the skin taut then pull in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Then you repeat on the other brow, you will then need to tweeze the stray hairs, and finish it to the look you want. Remember not to tweeze hairs from the top of your brow. Then tweeze between your eyes to ensure that the area is free from hairs. When you are finished take a look to ensure your brows are even! Then comb your brows into shape and you're done! Well shaped brows really frame the face and set off lash extensions beautifully! I do recommend you wear brow pencil or powder for a really great day to day look! If you find doing your brows yourself difficult you can always ask for my advice at your lash appointment, I'd be happy to help! The eye duo consists of a brow trim and brow tint and costs €15 but is only €10 when added to your lash appointment. The eye trio consists of a brow trim and tint and a lash tint and costs €20 For more information contact me!

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