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What To Look For In A Lash Technician

There are many different courses currently available to the public. Many courses do not require you to be an aesthetician first! Although this is not always a necessity, I do highly recommend attending a lash technician who is an aesthetician. Aestheticians are trained to deal with adverse effects and also they are instructed in the correct technique of shaping and tinting brows. Aestheticians have also completed courses and diplomas in anatomy and physiology, which means they know how hairs grow and they know how to keep those hairs safe.

A good lash course and constant retraining is what you need to look out for. I am trained by Lash Perfect, a company based in the UK specialising is lash and brow training. I have also trained under my mentor, a cosmetic nurse in the UK. I have also trained with Perfect lashes and Glamour lashes. I constantly upgrade my skills and try new things. I will soon be the Waterford Master lash trainer for lash extensions with Ms Diva training academy.

You also should attend a technician that insists upon safety. If you are not offered a patch test and advice on the best lash length and diameter, consider changing technicians. Many times clients will make requests, but I will only do what your lashes can take. My limit is to extend your lash up to three times its length, any more and you risk doing permanent damage to your lashes.

You must also ensure that your technician is properly insured, this is to protect both you and the technician should problems arise. You can ask to see a copy of their insurance documents.

If your chosen lash technician can't answer questions that you put to them, consider looking for a lash technician with better training.

I am a qualified beauty therapist and medical aesthetician. I have a lot of knowledge and experience in dealing with clients and their needs; knowledge that I have acquired over the last thirteen years working in the beauty industry.

If in doubt ask to see their credentials, and ask questions until you are satisfied.

You can't be too careful when it comes to your eyes!

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