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Daily Lash Routine

When you wake in the morning after applying your make up, comb through your lashes with the lash comb given to you at your first appointment, this ensures that the lashes are neat and tidy, and all combed in the correct direction. This combing will also result in loose lashes falling out. When you wash your face ensure you let the water flow over your lashes too. Every other day wash your lashes with johnsons baby shampoo. Using the micro fibre brush given to you during your appointment. Swirl the baby shampoo with the brush in the palm of your hand, apply to the lashes and wash out, you are finished pat dry ( do not rub or pull at the lashes with a towel) then comb through the freshly washed lashes. Do not use a cotton bud to do this Washing and combing your lashes prevents a build up of dead skin cells, and removes Bacteria that can cause eye problems or infections. Please ensure you also wash the lash cleansing brush given to you, as this can harbour bacteria if not cleaned daily.

When applying make up keep oily eye liner away from your lash line, keep foundation and eye make up away from your lashes too. Also ensure you do not put moisturiser too close to your lashes. The above can loosen the bond of your lashes and cause them to fall out prematurely.

When blow drying your hair, ensure you do not place the hairdryer directly above the lashes, this is particularly important if you have a fringe. The heat can distort the shape of the lashes and also cause the glue to heat up and lashes to fall out.

And finally, enjoy your lashes!

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