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Lashes and Sun Holidays

Sun, sea, sand, sun tan lotion, salt water, chlorine, none of these are best of friends to your lash extensions! You will find that the lash extensions won't last as long as normal when you are on holidays, a lot of clients have no issues at all, but some clients find that they loose a bit more than usual! The above will often cause the glue to heat up and debond, or the sea salt or pool water may cause the bond to loosen, resulting in some lashes to fall out. It is good to be aware that this is s possibility, so if you do lose more lashes than normal you will know why! So I recommend having your lashes done a few days before your holidays (day before if possible) and then to have them Infilled when you return home. I will remove any loose lashes and give them a really good clean and you will leave with a fresh set and be lash perfect again in no time!

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