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False Lashes vs Semi Permanent Lashes

False lashes, are single wear lashes that you would apply yourself at home, they can be applied in a strip, or individual clusters. These lashes are applied directly on top of your lashes and are intended for occasional wear, these lashes use a light lash friendly adhesive, but are not intended for long term wear. This is due to the fact that the cluster or strip lashes are applied across a number of lashes and will not allow your lashes to shed naturally. This would not be a good alternative for long term wear. Individual lashes are applied individually to each lash, the lash is first isolated and the lash extension is then properly and safely adhered to the natural lash, this is done to as many lashes as possible. The adhesive used would be more hard wearing and will attach to the lash, and will last long enough to grow out with your lashes. As the lashes are applied to each lash, your natural lash with the attached lash will grow out without causing any damage to your natural lash. The cluster lashes are not to be confused with volume lashes. Volume lashes are applied the same way as classic lash extensions, the lash is isolated and a fan which is hand made by the lash technician is applied to this lash. The cluster lashes are applied across the lashes without isolation and therefore unsuitable for long term wear. The strip and cluster lashes are great alternatives if you do not wish to wear lashes long term. Semi-permanent lashes would be a better solution to those clients who would apply strip lashes or cluster lashes a few times per month. They also look more natural and will not damage your lashes. If you can't get the hang of applying these strip lashes or cluster lashes you can attend a technician for party lashes, these lashes can be worn for two weeks, they are a great alternative for clients who wear strip lashes a lot, but do not want lash extensions. As you can see there are so many different styles to chose from, which can be confusing. If you would like some more information or to discuss which style would be best for you! Give me a call and I would be happy to help!

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