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Which Lash Style Is Best For Me?

Are you a mascara loving addict, or are you a little is enough kind of girl? Rest assured there is a look for you! There are so many different types of curls and lengths and diameters of lashes. Your lash technician will carefully examine your lashes, and they will ascertain which is the safest lash for you to ensure the safety of your natural lashes. When the diameter is chosen, you can request extra long, short, full or very natural. Depending on your personal choice you can really control what look you go for. Generally if you usually just wear a small coat or mascara and light make up, I generally advise on a short length with a little thickness. If you like lots of mascara, then I recommend a little thicker in diameter and long and fluttery lashes If you like an extra layer of mascara on top of lots of mascara or are a wearer of fibre mascara, I generally advise ellipse lashes in a long length. Or a volume lash style. It's important to remember that your lash technician will only do what is safe and suitable for your natural lash. And you will achieve a longer and slightly fuller result at the end. If your natural lashes are very short and have gaps, please remember that you will achieve a better look than what you have naturally, but we can only work with that you have naturally! I will always advise and manage your expectations. I will guide you through the process from beginning to end and ensue your lashes last as long as possible. There really is a lash style to suit all clients! We will discuss the look you wish to achieve at your consultation and patch test. To schedule a consultation, give me a call!

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