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My skin journey

Everyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about skin! nothing irritates me more than high end cosmetic brands! often with very little (if any) active ingredients! But how did my love of skincare actually develop? I thought earlier this week that in order to understand why I'm so passionate about skin, that I would like to tell everyone how I ended up doing what I do!  

When I was ten years old my Mum bought a "beauty bible" it was the Vogue beauty book! and I fell in love instantly. Over the years I found that love magnify. 

Unfortunately when I became a teenager I developed quite bad acne on my back, neck and chest, I was so paranoid. It progressed over the years, then I started to get oily skin on my face and constant spots. I was prescribed acne medication, skin creams, antibiotic skin lotions. These would all control the problem until I finished them, then the acne would slowly creep back. What I didn't know then was how I was feeding my skin with all the oil it needed to feast on to create this vicious circle of oil and acne. This sent me on a quest for information. I studied to become a beautician in 2003, where unfortunately I learned even more incorrect information. It wasn't until I completed my aesthetics training in advanced skincare, that I discovered the answers to healthy well functioning skin. I completed my training through the best doctors, aesthetic nurses and dermatologists in the industry both in Ireland and in the UK. I worked for an amazing doctor in a Dublin clinic, and under her expert mentorship my new found skills were finely tuned.

I went on to train in laser hair removal and laser treatment of vascular lesions, thread veins, hyperpigmentation, fungal nail treatments and laser for medical conditions. I studied and performed advanced skin procedures, dermal needling, microdermabrasion, medical facials, skin peels, and medical grade skin care. I studied many various skin conditions.

I continuously upgrade my knowledge and attend regular training conferences. Over the years I have focused my training to specialise in the most common skin issues, oily skin, acne prone skin, dull and lifeless skin. I now specialise in the skincare that encouraged me down this path! It still amazes me to this day how much misinformation is out there, I'm told on a daily basis how my clients have "dehydrated" "dry" "combination" skin. Every day I'm told of all the different (and incredibly expensive) serums and creams my clients are using. I'm told how they need to keep their skin "well moisturised" and it's not their fault! They are often told this by skincare professionals too. When I explain the reasons behind all of these 'conditions' they often look at me with confusion, when they are sent away with their effective and actively efficient skincare they are genuinely stunned with their results! they're even more stunned when I reveal the whole range is about the cost of one of their rather heavily marketed creams!

A lot of skin issues you can see results from treatment very quickly, but some issues may require months of using the correct products and in-house treatments. One thing I will always do is manage your expectations. I will explain how far I can take you with my expertise, and if within a certain time frame we are not getting the results we want, I will guide you in the right direction to get those results. The good news is it will have been time well spent in preparation for your next step if necessary. 

I have researched the main brands out there and decided upon the top medical grade skincare brand that I now stock here. Aestheticare products are medical grade, they cannot be bought over to counter, in beauty salons or pharmacies, they can only be purchased from experienced Aestheticians, nurses and skin care clinics. I use this range myself, I only recommend products that I have used, and that I believe in. I'm so passionate about skincare because it's the one thing you can't hide or cover up. It's the first thing people see when they meet you, it's the source of so much anxiety for my clients and for myself. I have seen people become more confident throughout their treatment, to me there is no better gift that giving someone that gift of confidence!

If you have any skin concerns please come and see me! Together we can begin your skin journey. 


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