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Chemical peels, what are they and do I need one?

In short the answer is yes

Chemical peeling is a light and natural exfoliation technique using natural alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs which are derived from fruits and food; citric acid (oranges) Mandelic acid (apples) lactic acid (milk) or they can be salicylic acid based or Glycolic acid (AHA)  These all work to lightly exfoliate the upper layers of the skin. 

Types of Exfoliation

Exfoliation can be chemical or mechanical, mechanical in the case of microdermabrasion, where crystals are used to exfoliate the very uppermost layer of the stratum corneum only. Facial scrubs, sonic brushes and sponges would also all be forms of mechanical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation uses the acids mentioned above to penetrate the upper layers of your skin, then in those layers they will loosen and dissolve the fatty bonds that hold dead skin cells together. This means it basically sloughs away dead skin cells.  Chemical exfoliation will give a deeper exfoliation and it is painless. 

There are deeper and more dramatic peels that are carried out in a physician or dermatologists office. The peels carried out by aestheticians would be lower strength, even though they wouldn't be as deep, they are still quite effective. It is usually recommended to have a minimum of 4 or 5 feels to see and notice a long term improvement in your skin. 

Why should I have a peel? 

Peels will help with pigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, age spots and general dullness of the skin. They are not painful and have no down time at this level. It is recommended to have a peel and then to try and support your results with a good prescribed skincare regime, similar to the products that I advise my clients use. You should have a peel to help all products penetrate the skin better, this is because you've removed the layer of dead skin cells. This then allows anything to work better, not to mention your make up will just glide on! 

What peels are used at True Skin? 

The peels that I use on my clients are the Neostrata Exuviance peels. These peels are my favorite! Neostrata were the very first company to bring glycolic peels to the market, and are still the best in my opinion. I get great results with these peels, and highly recommended everyone has at least a few peels a year! 

So what's involved? 

Using a small brush, I apply the peel to the face. The peel is left on the skin from 2-10 minutes l, you will have a fan to keep your skin cool. The peel is a little tingly, but not uncomfortable! I then remove the peel using a sodium bicorbonate spray. This spray neutralises the peel, this basically, means it returns your skin to its original PH level. Then I cool your skin and apply a light serum followed by sunscreen. The whole procedure takes about half an hour and you can even do this peel during your lunch hour! Your skin will look fresh and glowing after the procedure. 

Investing in your skin can take as little as an hour, and peels will give you better results than any facial and even microdermabrasion in my opinion! 

For more information on the Neostrata skin peel check out my website

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