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My Top Tanning Tips

Hi I'm Louise and I'm a tan addict, I buy tans and then I move onto the next tan. Inevitably I don't like that tan and move on again. I used Coco Brown for a while and always liked it. Why did I change? I bought a bottle of the Coco Brown one hour tan last week in Castle Pharmacy, because I needed a tan that would develop fast and then wash off, and I had my tan epiphany! It goes on perfectly without any stressing out where I've missed bits, I also just applied it onto my feet and hands without a brush (I usually have to do this or end up with awful patches) with Coco Brown you don't actually need to do that at all, which saves me loads of time. I decided to leave the tan on overnight in the end because it wasn't sticky and smelled fine.

I'm glad I stumbled across this tan again, it is a fraction of the price of most of the newer tans on the market, but it is better in my opinion. I have to say what I love most is the colour is most suited to my complexion. I am quite pale and many tans can appear very unnatural and orange on me, it didn't actually happen with the Coco Browne! It's been a week since I had it on, and it has faded nicely with each shower. I used to dislike the fact that this brand of tan wore off patchy and scaly, but it is so much more improved and if you want to remove and reapply there is the new tan eraser out now. You can buy the tan online on

On my face I use an oil free facial gradual tanner, the gradual tanner I use is oil free and non comedogenic so it won't clog your pores. I like the St. Tropez gradual facial tanner as its very natural and doesn't add any excess oil into my regime, because as you all know I hate oil! you can get the gradual tanner from This gradual tanner comes in light/medium and medium/dark, because I am quite pale I use the light/medium shade on my face when I am only using a gradual tan on my body. I use the medium/dark shade on my face when I am wearing a self tan, that way my face isn't a lot paler than my body, and my foundation is also still the correct shade!

I'm still dying to try the Sosu Dripping Gold tan, so I am looking forward to seeing how that one compares to my new renewed love of Coco Brown.

I decided to do my top tanning tips in case it helps any of you! Let me know what you're top tips are!

- Apply moisturiser to your elbows, knees, heels, knuckles and between toes - Using a mitt and your choice of tan, apply tan to your mitt and then rub into skin in a sweeping motion, ensuring you don't miss any areas _ Run lightly over elbows, or you can mix one part moisturiser and one part tan and using a foundation brush rub over feet (I use the the residue of tan left on my mitt for elbows and knees instead of the mitt) -I use a dedicated tan for the face that's oil free. I use St. Tropez gradual face tanner - When I've applied two layers of tan, I use a baby wipe and go over the sides of my feet, soles of the feet, back of heels, toes, knuckles and the backs of the wrists and palms of hands - If I'm leaving my tan all night, I use baby powder and brush it all over the tanned areas to take any stickiness off Then the next day I wash off my tan and if there are any areas I'm not happy with I use my tan remover mitt to buff these areas And that's it! Flawless tan every time!

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