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Women are from Venus......


I wanted to try a fat reducing treatment for my lower jawline for a while. I have a little bit of skin under my chin that bothers me! it's basically the anatomy of my face, many people of Celtic origin have this little area under the chin. People prone to this fatty deposit often feel they have the appearance of a ‘double chin’ but it is actually caused by the Hyoid bone, and where it sits in some people. It can give the person an appearance of having a little pocket of skin under the chin, and as you age you will get some natural slackening to this area as we lose volume to our facial muscles. Of course me being me, I wanted to see if there were non surgical and effective options to improve these areas. I have my heart set on fat eliminating injections - they are currently on the market, but I am waiting to have them done when my practitioner offers them, as I won’t go to anyone else for this option! So my search continued, when I looked into the treatment options I came across Venus Freeze which was a different treatment option entirely to what I first thought it would be! Instead of freezing fat cells it uses the opposite technology. The Venus freeze usea radio frequency to boost collagen production, it also uses pulsed electro magnetic fields and when used together these cause the skin to heat up, this process is what causes your body to produce more collagen and you get firmer and smoother skin as a (very nice ) result.


Take a look at the video to see more of what the treatment entails!


I booked my treatment with Genesis clinic in Ballybricken. I was advised I would need approx 6 treatments for the desired result, and then maintenances treatments thereafter to maintain my results. To have just nexk and chin the price is €45 and for the full face it’s €85. I have opted for the full face treatment for €85, the treatment is non invasive and there is no pain whatsoever, it’s actually a comfortable procedure with instant results. I felt my skin plump up, but I’ve not seen the firming results yet as I’ve only had two treatments so far, and the firming results will take more time to be noticeable. The treatment takes around 45 minutes to perform, and afterwards you also need to drink a minimum of two liters of water after your treatment to flush the body after treatment. It is also recommended that you have these treatments while you are currently exercising for the best results!


This was my face the morning after my treatment

My skin was plumped and bright, and I have to say I’m so happy so far, I have just finished my second treatment three days ago, so I’ll update you all with my progress when I’m finished my course of treatments. This treatment also has many benefits not just for skin tightening, but also for skin health. For more information on Venus Freeze treatment you can contact Genesis Clinic in Ballybricken on +35351854445or check out the Venus freeze website

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